Pure Swiss women’s podium, Van Looy men’s world champion

Despite a crash of last year’s winner Petra Eggenschwiler, the Swiss women also shone at the 2019 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. Nina Zoller, Melanie Maurer and Petra Eggenschwiler had a thrilling race. After the retirement of Eggenschwiler, compatriot Corina Hengartner moved up to 3rd place. The Belgian Diego Van Loy became World Champion in the men’s singles ahead of Jens Gossauer from Switzerland and Daan De Groot from the Netherlands. The 31st Powerman Zofingen recorded a total of around 1,200 participants at the weekend, roughly the same number as last year.

The trio Eggenschwiler, Maurer and Zoller put pressure on the front right from the start and also went straight to the bike course after the running course. Then Eggenschwiler was hit by a mishap: the woman from Solothurn crashed in Zofingen in a railway underpass without any outside influence. She was a little rough. The defending champion lost about three minutes and then tried everything to get back to the top. However, Eggenschwiler finally had to give up shortly after the bike course. Before the showdown in Zofingen, Eggenschwiler took first place in the Powerman World Ranking 2018/2019. Immediately after leaving the company, disappointment was written all over her face. However, she quickly grasped the situation and said: “I didn’t feel so good from the start. “Already at the media conference in the run-up to the ITU World Championships she complained about a cold and an inflammation of the foot. Also prematurely abandoned due to hypothermia has Antonia Reznikov. The Israeli had won the bronze medal last year. On the last run, Zoller managed to lose last year’s silver medallist Maurer. “I can’t believe it,” said the new world champion from Chur. “I bit my teeth, stepped on the gas, and I’m overjoyed now.” Maurer said: “The bike course was difficult, I was freezing, and I’m also very much looking forward to the great performance from us Swiss. I like NIna Zoller very much to grant victory.”

Large top group

In the men’s event, the Swiss Michael Ott led after three hours ahead of the Russian Maxim Kuzmin, the Dutchman Daan De Groot, the Swiss Jens Gossauer, the Belgian Seppe Odeyn and the Swiss Fabian Zehnder (SUI). Gossauer, eighth last year, was astonished and finally went first on the last run, followed by Diego Van Looy (BEL), Odeyn, De Groot, Kuzmin and Zehnder. Van Looy then got better and better into the race and could finally distance Gossauer. Due to injury last year’s winner Gaël Le Bellec (FRA) and last year’s third placed German Felix Köhler could not participate in Zofingen. Gossauer overjoyed: “It was a great race, I’m very happy with myself. My legs were brilliant and I never expected such a result. In the end, I tried to hold second place because I saw that Van Looy was doing very well.” Van Looy said, asked about the time: “The time was not important for me, I concentrated on the placement. Now I’m just happy.”

Difficult conditions

31st Powerman Zofingen: Not only the rain was a problem for the top duathlete, the thermometer showed 13 degrees Celsius. Around 1,200 athletes took part in the races at the weekend in Zofingen, almost as many as last year. While the field in the long distance was equally large and prominently occupied, the number of participants in the short distance was smaller. The charity run on Saturday was even more popular than last year: The companies that had their own teams at the start included Siegfried AG, Spital Zofingen and STWZ Energie, and the PowerKids & PowerFamily races roundedoff the event. Stefan Ruf, OC President of Powerman Zofingen: “This is a sensational Swiss day. We did expect strong performances from the Swiss women over the Long Distance. Nina Zoller in particular attracted a lot of attention. “Jens Gossauer has provided the perfect surprise for the men.” John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association (IPA): “Those were very exciting competitions. In the beginning, both the women and the men had their tops close together. Towards the end, however, there were longer time gaps.” Raadschelders about the organization: “I particularly liked the optimized communication. A win-win constellation between Powerman Zofingen, the International Powerman Association (IPA) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

Ranking Elite Long Distance:

Men: 1st Diego Van Looy (BEL) 6:14.29; 2nd Gossauer Jens-Michael (SUI, Greifensee) 6:16.23; 3rd Daan De Groot (NED) 6:20.16; 4th Seppe Odeyn (BEL) 6:22.20; 5th Maxim Kuzmin (RUS) 6:24.32; 6. Fabian Zehnder (SUI, Wädenswil) 6:28.19; 7. Michael Ott (SUI, Unterstrass) 6:30.34; 8. Thomas Bruins (AUS) 6:33.38; 9. Andreas Kälin (SUI, Wollerau) 6:34.40; 10. Ryan Giuliano (USA) 6:41.11; 11 Yannick Cadalen (FRA) 6:43.25; 12 Diederik Derijcke (BEL) 6:50.35; 13 Jonas Vandevyvere (BEL) 6:52.55; 14 Andrew Macrae (GBR) 6:53.50; 15 Bert Wouters (BEL) 6:53.56; 16. Rolf Wermelinger (SUI) 6:54.12; 17. Edi Frauchiger (SUI) 6:55.46; 18. Tobias Eise (GER) 6:56.22; 19. Peter Ellis (GBR) 6:59.31; 20. Stephane Vander Bruggen (BEL) 7:02.16.

Women: 1. Nina Zoller (SUI) 7:14:54. 2. Melanie Maurer (SUI) 7:17:11. 3. Corina Hengartner (SUI) 7:27:46. 4. Ann Schoot Uiterkamp (NED) 7:39:03. 5. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 7:47:03, 32:14.6. Virginie Soenen (BEL 7:53:57, 39:03.  DNF: Petra Eggenschwiler (SUI).


Final Powerman World Ranking 2018/2019.
1. Daan de Groot (NED) 3575 points.
2. Peter Ellis (GBR) 2750.
3. Diego van Looy (BEL) 2500.


1. Melanie Maurer (SUI) 3800.
2. Nina Zoller (SUI) 2375.
3. Petra Eggenschwiler (SUI) 2000.

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