The first edition of Powerman Portugal was a big success!

The major RUN BIKE RUN brand in the world debuted in Portugal today, the 16th February, Powerman Portugal 2020. The international duathlon event exceeded the expected participation of about 300 athletes. More than 450 registered, in a difficult course that required physical and very technical cycling. Powerman Portugal included 16 nationalities from all over Europe, as well as Japan, Australia or Canada. This event feature two distances: middle distance with 10km of running – 60km of cycling – 10km of running and sprint distance with 5km of running – 30km of cycling – 5km of running.

The race was essentially urban, starting in the beautiful surroundings of the imposing Royal Palace of Mafra, continuing to the Municipal Sports Park where the athletes ran on dirt with almost no flat areas. In turn, cycling went through the beautiful and peaceful roads of Mafra, on a very challenging route, which included very steep climbs and some steep descents.

The athletes started the cycling route in front of the Royal Palace of Mafra taking a winding route through the surrounding and charming villages. They finally arrived to the Mafra Palace after the intense effort and they reached the reward of crossing the glorious finish line.

The route of the first Powerman in Mafra will probably became  ‘famous’ among athletes for its intensity, with very hard climbs and descents and very technical curves that “it is necessary to approach with caution mainly by less experienced athletes”, said José Estrangeiro, international triathlete now dedicated to long distance, and Powerman ambassador for Portugal.

The first athlete to reach the goal and the big winner of the first edition of Powerman Portugal was the Belgian Seppe Odeyn, with 02:44:08, followed by João Ferreira, who completed the race in 02:44:43 and José Estrangeiro, ambassador of the event, which closed the podium with 02:45:44.


In the female elite, Nina Zoller, 2nd place in the Powerman ranking, remained isolated throughout the course, winning the victory of this event with 03:06:23.The Austrian Sigrid Herndler was the second woman to pass the finish line with 03:09:20 and to close the podium was Ann Schoot Uiterkamp duet from Holland, with 03:10:40.


Seppe Odeyn, very happy to have wined the first Powerman Portugal, said: «I was running for the podium, but it was difficult to be sure because I didn’t know what the Portuguese athletes were capable of!» The Belgium athlete considered the Portuguese athletes very strong, «even in the technical course and the downhill, where I lost some time».  Seppe was very pleased with the Powerman Portugal. «The atmosphere was very nice, and near the palace, we had a really warm public. The Portuguese athlete José Estrangeiro is very popular so everybody was screaming for him and very enthusiastic»!


Nina Zoller, winner of this event, affirmed “that it was the best event that she participated”, praising the route, the environment and the organization.


Daan de Groot, Holland, number 1 in the world ranking of long distance duathlon, after his first experience of the route, told us «The route is spectacular, very beautiful, always with a green landscape on both sides». Unfortunately, he fell early in the cycling route, having given up after completing the entire segment already injured. The athlete is visiting Portugal for the first time and he´s going today to Tavira to stay a week and a half, in the south of the country, taking advantage of the fine weather and good conditions for training in the region.


The results of this first Powerman were viewed as very positive. According to John Raadschelders, president of the International Powerman Association, the event has “the possibility of doubling the participants already in 2021!” For Vasco Rodrigues, president of the Triathlon Federation of Portugal, “it is an excellent partnership that makes possible to relaunch the sport of duathlon in our country and put Mafra on the international map of this modality of the Triathlon”.



About Powerman Portugal location: Mafra is a pretty little Portuguese town where it’s located one of Europe’s largest and most extravagant palaces, the Palace of Mafra. This vast complex includes a huge monastery, an ornate basilica and a library that contains over 36,000 ancient books and its own colony of bats! Nearby, 12km far from Mafra is located Ericeira which has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, a very famous place for surf sport, with excellent sport conditions for running and cycling.

Feigh and Ossola Overall-Winner at POWERMAN Arizona

Congratulations to everyone who conquered the Arizona Desert 🌵 today.

In the Classic Powerman distance World Series race our podium finishers were:

1. Irena Ossola (USA)
2. Veronique Ranger (USA)
3. Sara Sullivan (USA)

1. Adam Feigh (USA)
2. Peter Ellis (GBR)
3. David Günthardt (SUI)

Full results are available…/213…/results/Event/882311/Results

Vaduz welcomes Powerman World Series in Liechtenstein

As part of the VADUZER DUATHLON 2020, the IG Multisport Team in Liechtenstein presents: The first POWERMAN in LIECHTENSTEIN.
We are looking forward to having athletes from all over the world visit our country on the 14th of June 2020.

The international success of our athlete Michelle Paonne and the excitement of the people of Liechtenstein have inspired us to host a big event in our country. Here’s some pointers:

Start– and finish line will be located next to the Rheinpark stadium in Vaduz, right next to the shore of the Rhein river.
The first and second running tracks will go through the idyllic side roads of the inner city of Vaduz. The paths will be mostly flat and will consist of 60% asphalt and 40% gravel.
The bike track will be entirely flat along the the Rhine river up to the northernmost municipality of Ruggel. After a relaxing drive through the village, there will be a short climb, followed by a rapid descent in Gamprin. You will then drive back to Vaduz over bike paths and side roads, as well as through the municipality of Schaan. Once you get back to Vaduz, you can either get started on your next 30 km lap or head over to the transition area in Vaduz.

From the IG Multisport team in Liechtenstein
William Brendle Chief OK / Clerk of the Course
Patron: Triathlon Club of Vaduz
Association: TRIFL

“We are honored that the organization ‘Powerman Duathlon’ would host an international event in Liechtenstein, which will surely create an attractive sporting environment in Vaduz in mid-June.” – Philip Schädler, president of the Triathlon Association

POWERMAN moves to EMBRUN on JULY 14, 2020!

A premiere for the Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur Triathlon League with the arrival of PowerMan in their region. It is on July 14 that the best duathletes in the world will come to Embrun. Many thanks to Nicolas Elzeard and his team, Chantal Eymeoud, mayor of Embrun, and John Raadschelders, President of Internation Powerman Association.

The Powerman competition leads over 10 km running, 60 km cycling, 10 km running. The short distance duathlon offers a 2.5 – 20 – 5 km race.

The Powerman France 2020 duathlon bike course will be selective and magnificent due to its landscapes and roads. With 3 loops of 20 km and more than 1500m of positive altitude difference, it is a course for experienced cyclists whose riders as well as climbers will be able to pull their pins out of the game.

The inscriptions are open since November 15th.

Portugal welcomes Powerman 2020 first edition in Mafra

We are proud to announce that the major RUN BIKE RUN brand in the world will have an event in Portugal in 2020. It is part of Powerman, a worldwide range of events having short, classic and long distances – so everyone can participate individually or join with friends, co-workers or family.


Powerman Portugal 2020 edition will take place in Mafra on 15th February. This event features the Powerman Classic/M.D. format: Run 10km – Bike 60km – run 10km. The run on flat terrain contrasts with bike climbing, where the athletes can breathe pure air and feel the mountain atmosphere.


You may choose to take part on the Powerman Short 5KM Run – 30 KM Bike  5 KM Run – as an Individual or as a Team Relay format. Of course, we will also have the PowerKids race as well.


Mafra is 30 minutes away from Lisbon airport by car.  And at 10 Km from this town you have the Atlantic coast with beautiful beaches. Mafra is mostly known for the sumptuous Royal Building of Mafra, which consists of a Palace integrating a Basilica, with its axial frontispiece uniting the King and the Queen wings, a Convent, the Cerco Garden and a Hunting Park (Tapada). It represents one of the most magnificent works undertaken by King João V, and one of the most important symbols of baroque architecture in Portugal. This unique monument, classified as a National Monument in 1910, was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, in 7 July 2019.


Start, Finish Line and Transition Area of the competition will occur in the square facing the Royal Building of Mafra, a very Iconic and monumental location.


John Raadschelders, president of I.P.A. (International Powerman Association), shares his opinion about this race: «I am very happy that we announce a new Powerman Destination…the Town of Mafra. It’s always exciting exploring new regions who are interested to host an International Powerman event. Meet new people, new venues and tasting the local culture and hospitality». Arriving to Mafra feels good from the first moment. The race is an opportunity for«Meeting great people with passion for sports but also very motivated to deliver a high quality Powerman race for the country, region, Town of Mafra, sponsors, Municipality and last but not least the participants».


The Portuguese Triathlon Federation is a partner in the organization of this event. For its President – Vasco Rodrigues – it is an idea long cherished by the Federation, due to the national tradition of duathletes competitions and also to the international potential of the event. For him, is a dream that came true.


The town of Mafra was considered the ideal place to host this event, because the region offers diverse landscape (beaches, countryside and mountain) and good accommodations (hotels and restaurants). The interest shown by the Municipality in receiving this event was also decisive to choose this town.


So, block in your agenda the weekend of 15th February, 2020: Powerman Mafra


Come to Mafra, and enjoy the Powerman Portugal!

If you want to bring your family to this town and to the Portuguese Atlantic coast, the local Organizing Committee will provide special arrangements for the whole family.


Looking forward to meet you at the start and finish line!


About Powerman TM and World Series

Powerman is the premier label for long-distance duathlons. Powerman unites the biggest and most well-known long-distance duathlons in the world under the International Powerman Association (IPA).

The IPA cooperates with the International Triathlon Union in the development and growth of duathlon as a sport in general, and the long-distance duathlon in particular.

Powerman International have their own World ranking system for Elite and Age Groupers


At Powerman races athletes can qualify for 2020 Alsdorf ETU Powerman European Championships Duathlon M.D. on 19th April and 2020 Viborg ITU Powerman World Championship on 16th May.

2020 Powerman Malaysia ready for the future

It is official – the 17th edition of Powerman Malaysia will return to Kuala Lumpur in March 2020 under the Management of Fresh Events Asia Sdn. Bhd (Fresh Events). The event will continue as the Asian Championship race, as well as being an Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) sanctioned Middle Distance Championship in the 10-60-10km category. The Powerman Asia Championships Malaysia 2020 will take place in March 2020 with date and venue to be confirmed shortly.

John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association (IPA) enthused, “Globally, Powerman is considered the pinnacle of duathlon competition and the sport is a natural progression for runners and cyclists. We’re seeing tremendous growth of competitive running and cycling in Asia, with Powerman providing the ultimate platform for these sportsmen and sportswomen to challenge themselves.”

“We are excited to be working with Fresh Events, who bring with them a wealth of local and international experience and are well known for their operational excellence. I have no doubt they will build on past successes and deliver an exceptional event at Powerman Malaysia 2020 and beyond,” concludes Raadschelders.

Over 3500 elite and amateur racers from over 30 countries are expected to compete in what is widely regarded as Asia’s largest and most prestigious duathlon event. Racers will be competing for cash prizes and coveted qualifying spots for the ITU Powerman World Championship, to be held in Viborg, Denmark on 16 May 2020 covering the Classic / Middle distance (10-60-10) and in Zofingen, Switzerland on 20 September 2020 coverning the Long Distance (10-150-30).

The 2020 event offers multiple race categories; entrants can choose to race in the Powerman Classic, a 10-kilometre run, 60-kilometre cycle, 10-kilometre run or the renamed Powerman Short, a 5-kilometre run, 30-kilometre cycle, 5-kilometre run. Participants wanting to compete as a team will have the option of taking part as teams of 2 or 3 in either the Powerman Classic Relay, which will cover the 10km-60km-10km Classic distance, or the Powerman Short Relay, which covers the 5km-30km-5km Sprint distance. In addition to the popular PowerKids categories for children under 12, the 2020 edition sees the introduction of the PowerTeen category that caters specifically to teenagers aged between 13 and 17.

“We’re incredibly privileged and proud to be working with John and the IPA on this next chapter of Powerman Malaysia. There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in 2020 as we introduce more elements that will enhance the events legacy and make Powerman Malaysia even bigger and better than ever,” says Sam Middlehurst, Managing Director of Fresh Events.

“Our mission at Fresh Events has always been to encourage people to lead more active lifestyles as a way of improving their health and wellbeing. In addition to the Classic, Short and PowerKids race categories, the introduction of the PowerTeen race is a way of broadening the appeal of the sport and encouraging Malaysian youth to try the Run-Bike-Run duathlon format,” continues Middlehurst.

With a change in management comes a change in website URL and social media handles. Those wishing to participate in Powerman Malaysia 2020 are encouraged to follow the new Facebook page at and Instagram handle at and standby for the new official website launch at happening this week.

The venue and exact date in March for Powerman Malaysia 2020 will be announced very soon and registration is expected to open on Friday 15 November 2019. After a number of years of escalating entry fees, ticket prices have been reduced, with Super Early Bird prices for the Powerman Classic starting from RM319 and RM229 for the Powerman Short. A fourth ‘Late’ ticket category will also be introduced to cater for last minute entries. Full details of what participants can expect with their race entry will be announced soon, however all racers will receive both a participant and finisher t-shirt and finisher medal.

Zofingen and Viborg as highlights in 2020

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) is pleased to announce it has awarded the ITU Powerman 2020 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships to Zofingen, Switzerland, in a continuing partnership with the International Powerman Association (IPA), who organises the event for the 13th consecutive year. ITU has also awarded the 2020 ITU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon World Championships to the city of Viborg, in Denmark.

“Multisports are an integral part of our federation, and we are investing year after year in all these events to give a wider range of triathletes more opportunities to vie for world crowns”, said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “We look forward to again partnering with Powerman to provide the highest level of competition possible for duathletes, both in the Long and Middle distance.”

September 20th 2020

The Duathlon Long Distance World Championship will be held in Zofingen on September 20th, and will be once more the pinnacle of ITU’s long distance duathlon season. Elite duathletes will fight it out for gold over a 10km run followed by a 150km bike then a 30km run with a total prize purse of $50,000 USD on offer, equal for men and women.


Denmark calls

Before that, on May 16th, the Danish town of Viborg will welcome once again duathletes for the Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon World Championships, for a race to be disputed over a 10km run, 60km bike and 10km last run.

Pure Swiss women’s podium, Van Looy men’s world champion

Despite a crash of last year’s winner Petra Eggenschwiler, the Swiss women also shone at the 2019 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. Nina Zoller, Melanie Maurer and Petra Eggenschwiler had a thrilling race. After the retirement of Eggenschwiler, compatriot Corina Hengartner moved up to 3rd place. The Belgian Diego Van Loy became World Champion in the men’s singles ahead of Jens Gossauer from Switzerland and Daan De Groot from the Netherlands. The 31st Powerman Zofingen recorded a total of around 1,200 participants at the weekend, roughly the same number as last year.

The trio Eggenschwiler, Maurer and Zoller put pressure on the front right from the start and also went straight to the bike course after the running course. Then Eggenschwiler was hit by a mishap: the woman from Solothurn crashed in Zofingen in a railway underpass without any outside influence. She was a little rough. The defending champion lost about three minutes and then tried everything to get back to the top. However, Eggenschwiler finally had to give up shortly after the bike course. Before the showdown in Zofingen, Eggenschwiler took first place in the Powerman World Ranking 2018/2019. Immediately after leaving the company, disappointment was written all over her face. However, she quickly grasped the situation and said: “I didn’t feel so good from the start. “Already at the media conference in the run-up to the ITU World Championships she complained about a cold and an inflammation of the foot. Also prematurely abandoned due to hypothermia has Antonia Reznikov. The Israeli had won the bronze medal last year. On the last run, Zoller managed to lose last year’s silver medallist Maurer. “I can’t believe it,” said the new world champion from Chur. “I bit my teeth, stepped on the gas, and I’m overjoyed now.” Maurer said: “The bike course was difficult, I was freezing, and I’m also very much looking forward to the great performance from us Swiss. I like NIna Zoller very much to grant victory.”

Large top group

In the men’s event, the Swiss Michael Ott led after three hours ahead of the Russian Maxim Kuzmin, the Dutchman Daan De Groot, the Swiss Jens Gossauer, the Belgian Seppe Odeyn and the Swiss Fabian Zehnder (SUI). Gossauer, eighth last year, was astonished and finally went first on the last run, followed by Diego Van Looy (BEL), Odeyn, De Groot, Kuzmin and Zehnder. Van Looy then got better and better into the race and could finally distance Gossauer. Due to injury last year’s winner Gaël Le Bellec (FRA) and last year’s third placed German Felix Köhler could not participate in Zofingen. Gossauer overjoyed: “It was a great race, I’m very happy with myself. My legs were brilliant and I never expected such a result. In the end, I tried to hold second place because I saw that Van Looy was doing very well.” Van Looy said, asked about the time: “The time was not important for me, I concentrated on the placement. Now I’m just happy.”

Difficult conditions

31st Powerman Zofingen: Not only the rain was a problem for the top duathlete, the thermometer showed 13 degrees Celsius. Around 1,200 athletes took part in the races at the weekend in Zofingen, almost as many as last year. While the field in the long distance was equally large and prominently occupied, the number of participants in the short distance was smaller. The charity run on Saturday was even more popular than last year: The companies that had their own teams at the start included Siegfried AG, Spital Zofingen and STWZ Energie, and the PowerKids & PowerFamily races roundedoff the event. Stefan Ruf, OC President of Powerman Zofingen: “This is a sensational Swiss day. We did expect strong performances from the Swiss women over the Long Distance. Nina Zoller in particular attracted a lot of attention. “Jens Gossauer has provided the perfect surprise for the men.” John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association (IPA): “Those were very exciting competitions. In the beginning, both the women and the men had their tops close together. Towards the end, however, there were longer time gaps.” Raadschelders about the organization: “I particularly liked the optimized communication. A win-win constellation between Powerman Zofingen, the International Powerman Association (IPA) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

Ranking Elite Long Distance:

Men: 1st Diego Van Looy (BEL) 6:14.29; 2nd Gossauer Jens-Michael (SUI, Greifensee) 6:16.23; 3rd Daan De Groot (NED) 6:20.16; 4th Seppe Odeyn (BEL) 6:22.20; 5th Maxim Kuzmin (RUS) 6:24.32; 6. Fabian Zehnder (SUI, Wädenswil) 6:28.19; 7. Michael Ott (SUI, Unterstrass) 6:30.34; 8. Thomas Bruins (AUS) 6:33.38; 9. Andreas Kälin (SUI, Wollerau) 6:34.40; 10. Ryan Giuliano (USA) 6:41.11; 11 Yannick Cadalen (FRA) 6:43.25; 12 Diederik Derijcke (BEL) 6:50.35; 13 Jonas Vandevyvere (BEL) 6:52.55; 14 Andrew Macrae (GBR) 6:53.50; 15 Bert Wouters (BEL) 6:53.56; 16. Rolf Wermelinger (SUI) 6:54.12; 17. Edi Frauchiger (SUI) 6:55.46; 18. Tobias Eise (GER) 6:56.22; 19. Peter Ellis (GBR) 6:59.31; 20. Stephane Vander Bruggen (BEL) 7:02.16.

Women: 1. Nina Zoller (SUI) 7:14:54. 2. Melanie Maurer (SUI) 7:17:11. 3. Corina Hengartner (SUI) 7:27:46. 4. Ann Schoot Uiterkamp (NED) 7:39:03. 5. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 7:47:03, 32:14.6. Virginie Soenen (BEL 7:53:57, 39:03.  DNF: Petra Eggenschwiler (SUI).


Final Powerman World Ranking 2018/2019.
1. Daan de Groot (NED) 3575 points.
2. Peter Ellis (GBR) 2750.
3. Diego van Looy (BEL) 2500.


1. Melanie Maurer (SUI) 3800.
2. Nina Zoller (SUI) 2375.
3. Petra Eggenschwiler (SUI) 2000.

Swiss top duel among women at Powerman Zofingen 2019

In view of the2019 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships,the spectators can look forward to a Swiss women’s top duel: As has often been the case this season, 31-year-old Wikon Melanie Maurer, who lives in Liebefeld, is trying to beat defending champion Petra Eggenschwiler from Solothurn of the same age. For the men, the race for the World Championship title is completely open, especially as the French defending champion Gaël Le Bellec cannot start due to injury. It is quite possible that there could also be a Swiss success with men this year.

On 8 September 2019 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships will take place again in Zofingen. The fact that the ITU (International Triathlon Union) and the IPA (International Powerman Association) have now awarded these for the 12th time after 1997, 1998, 1999, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, nota bene for the ninth time in a row, after Zofingen, is unique for triathlon and duathlon sport. What a pity that not both defending champions will be at the start. Gaël Le Bellec cannot defend his title on 8 September 2019 in Zofingen. The French world number one Gaël Le Bellec was shot down by a car on May 5 at the Powerman Michigan in Frankenmuth on the second bike lap and is still injured. “I tried my best to defend my title, but I can’t.”

Top favourite Petra Eggenschwiler

The defending champion Petra Eggenschwiler is the top favourite among the women. For health reasons, the Solothurn native, who grew up in Laupersdorf, had decided not to start at the Powerman Zofingen in 2016 and 2017. The newly designed 10 km running course, 150 km cycling course and another 30 km running course took the then 30-year-old in just 7 hours and 39 seconds. She was over 22 minutes faster than the runner-up, Melanie Maurer from Bern, who grew up in Wikon. In Viborg, Denmark, she became European Champion in Powerman ETU middle distance duathlon, ahead of Maurer. Only at the Swiss Duathlon Championships this year was she relegated to 2nd place by Maurer. Now Eggenschwiler is also showing off in triathlon: 5th place at the PRO Women Halbironman Rapperswil 2019 at her debut and 6th place (3rd European) shortly after at the Ironman Frankfurt (Ironman-EM). “I’ve improved a lot, especially in terms of race length, I’ve got more stamina.” On September 8 Eggenschwiler wants to defend her World Championship title. “At least I want to get on the pedestal. “When asked what she could do even better this year compared to last year’s Powerman Zofingen, the woman from Solothurn said: “Everything!”

The toughest competitor in Zofingen will again be Melanie Maurer, who now belongs to a French team and confirmed her start in Zofingen at the end of July 2019. “I want to confirm my top performance of 2018 and want to be at least in the top 5 at my third start in Zofingen,” she said. She is satisfied with the course of the season so far. There’s not much more you can get Maurer to do. “No, except my cat’s pregnant and I’m looking forward to the kittens.”

And with Antonia Reznikov, last year’s world championship third will also start in Zofingen. The 37-year-old Israeli has so far relied mainly on triathlon this season. “I finished four races over the Ironman distance and once I even won.” For Reznikov, Zofingen was something like love at first sight: “When I made my debut last year, I liked the race so much that I decided to be back at the 31st Powerman Zofingen right at the finish line.”

Former winners lurk

Since the individual nations select their elite athletes only a few weeks before the Powerman Zofingen, the question of favourites is always a difficult one. Personal contact to the cracks is thus in demand. “Yes, I am at the 31st Powerman Zofingen at the start”, emailed there about Maxim Kuzmin on 22 July, on his 31st birthday. The Russian had won the world championship title in Zofingen in 2017 in a completely surprising way, last year he was fourth. As in previous years, Kuzmin has his own preparation program for the Powerman Zofingen. At the Russian Duathlon Sprint Championships he finished second and at the Russian Triathlon Championships fourth over the middle distance: “I’m not completely satisfied with the course of the season so far, as I broke my right arm in June after a fall from my bike”. But for September 8, the recovered Russian has a crystal clear goal: “I want to win!”

Seppe Odeyn announces the same and radiates even more self-confidence: “I come to Zofingen to win – what else?”. The 32-year-old Belgian competes for the sixth time in Zofingen, where he has been on the podium three times: in 2017 and 2015 on the 2nd place, in 2016 he won. Odeyn had some problems at the beginning of the season. “I had an injury and had to stop the race at Powerman Alsdorf, then I got sick and had to cancel the European Championships in Viborg. So far this season the current world number 28 has only won one race, the Powerman Greece. At the end of September last year, Odeyn became the father of a son named Vik, who perhaps stands for “Victory”.

Van Looy wants to know.

The 30-year-old Frenchman Yannick Cadalen (2nd place each in 2018 and 2014), the world number 6, has contested only a few races this year: “At my sixth start in Zofingen I’ll do my best to get on the podium at the top.” And then there’s Diego Van Looy. The 28-year-old Belgian has had a top season so far and is concentrating on the triathlon. “I won three Ironman races and would like to finish the season with a top result,” said world number 28. “In Zofingen I certainly want to make it to the podium, if possible all the way to the top.” Van Looy already denied the Powerman Zofingen once. “2015 and this just for fun and already then I ended up in 9th place.”

Top-5 target

This year, many athletes have declared “Top-5” as their goal at the Powerman Zofingen. For example, the 29-year-old Dutchman Thomas Bruins, who lives in Australia. “For professional reasons, I had to slow down my training and competition program a little. I spent more time on the mountain bike and went running with my dog.” The 31-year-old Michele Paonne from Liechtenstein reached rank 3 at the Powerman Mallorca and rank 2 each at the Powerman Greece and the Powerman Swiss in Tramelan. “I’m very happy with the first half of the season and would have liked to finish it at this level.” But then came the 7th of July and a training crash on the bike at 55 km/h over the Rhine dam now changes the appearance: “I try everything to be fit again in time for the 8th of September”. Even more modest is Peter “Oz” Ellis. “I want to finish in the top 10 in Zofingen,” says the Englishman, who was born on 16 August 1983. The Powerman world ranking second place is in top form: “I proved this with my two victories at the Powerman Hawaii and at the Powerman Michigan”. Anyway, Ellis wants to do better in Zofingen this time than at his premiere two years ago. “That’s when I ended up in a disappointing 23rd place.”

Great respect

The fact that the Powerman Zofingen is not simply a normal duathlon race is proven by statements made by several duathletes from the top ten world rankings Powerman 2018/19: “Two years ago I mastered the short distance in Zofingen, but this year it’s still too early for the long distance,” says Jan Petralia, World Ranking Number 6. The 26-year-old Belgian was European vice-champion and Belgian national champion this year via the middle distance duathlon. 33-year-old Austrian Sandrina Illes, number 7 in the world rankings, has similar respect for the Powerman Zofingen: “Like last year, I’m concentrating on the sprint and standard courses and skipping Zofingen.

Swiss trump cards

Sami Götz, Head of Competitive Sports Duathlon at Swiss Duathlon, believes in defending the women’s title in Switzerland: “I expect Petra Eggenschwiler and Melanie Maurer on the podium again. With the men, I believe Michael Ott, who is not a member of the national squad, is the most likely to do this, and Rolf Wermelinger is also very popular with me.”

Ott himself is ready for great deeds at the Powerman Zofingen: “I want to be on the podium for the best places on September 8th”. So far the season has gone better than expected. The 37-year-old from Zurich became Swiss Champion Duathlon over the short and medium distance, won the Powerman Tramelan “and except Gürbenthal I won all races of the Eisenhorn Swiss Duathlon Series”. Ott is a part-time sportsman, still works 50 percent as a carpenter and comes from running. He has competed three times in Zofingen so far: 2006 over the long distance (61st place), 2007 and 2008 over the short distance.

Wermelinger starts in Zofingen for the fourth time over the long distance. With rank 6, the 40-year-old Kirchenthurner achieved his best result so far. “My goal is the top 10.” After submitting his dissertation, the student was able to make up for his shape deficit from spring. “Since the beginning of July I haven’t done any work and can focus fully on the preparation of the Powerman Zofingen.” Wermelinger’s last results were correspondingly good: 3rd place in the Powerman Tramelan (2nd place in the SM). 3rd place at the Zytturm Duathlon and 38th place overall at the GP Bern.

The 32-year-old Fabian Zehnder from Wädenswil, Germany, will start in Zofingen this year for the seventh time over the long distance, whereby his best result so far was rank 9: “I want to be in the top 5, I am satisfied with the season sales so far”. Zehnder was fifth at the European Championships in Viborg and also vice Swiss champion over the duathlon short distance. The 26-year-old Jens Gossauer from Uster wants to gain experience this year in Zofingen for an attack on the World Championship podium 2020: “After the last season with World Championship rank 8 at my debut in Zofingen, I had hoped for more, but the form curve points upwards with me.

The 32-year-old churner Nina Zoller, current fourth in the world rankings, takes it rather easy: “Primarily I want to enjoy the race and be surprised. The competition is strong, but of course I’m happy if I can get a little involved. “And Zoller was always involved in the front, as she was fourth every time in Zofingen (2017 and 2018). Daniel Schwarz from Winterthur also has podium chances. The world ranking number 13, which will be 34 years old on September 9th, is in top form, won the Gigathlon 2019 (single), the own age group at Ironman Switzerland 70.3 and rank 2 at 140.6: “At the premiere over the long distance in Zofingen I was fifth last year and this time I want to deliver a great performance”.

Still open

Always good for a top result when she starts in Zofingen is the 37-year-old German Katrin Esefeld. The current eleventh in the world rankings, which now focuses mainly on triathlon (age class victory at the Ironman Zurich 2019 and thus qualified for the Ironman Hawaii), landed last year in Zofingen on rank 7, shone in 2017 with World Championship bronze.

list of absences

This year in Zofingen, the 35-year-old German Felix Köhler, who lives in Basel, will not be at the start of the World Championships. He became Vice World Champion in 2016 in Zofingen. “My duathlon season has unfortunately already ended and I will start in Zofingen this year in one relay at the most.” 23-year-old Matt Smith (AUS), fifth in the world rankings, is not coming to Zofingen due to an injury he sustained at Powerman Germany in April. “Since the Powerman Zofingen seems to be an incredibly great event, I want to come in 2020.”

The Powerman Zofingen will soon be missing serial winner Emma Pooley. The Englishwoman, who lives in the canton of Zurich, won the Powerman Zofingen four times in a row between 2014 and 2017. “Unfortunately, Emma Pooley no longer competes in duathlons, but concentrates on mountain runs and occasionally participates in bicycle races,” says her trainer David Newport.

Miriam Van Reijen isn’t in the game either. The 35-year-old Dutchwoman became Vice World Champion in 2017 in Zofingen: “We have the European Triathlon Championships in Holland at the same time, which appeal to me too much.”

The 39-year-old Japanese rider Airi Sawada, third in the world rankings, will not be at the start on 8 September:”I simply had no good preparation for Zofingen, but I love this race and will be there again in 2020. And then this year, of course, there’s also someone who was almost sure of bronze in the last few years: 35-year-old Dane Søren Bystrup finished third at the Powerman Zofingen four times, ending his elite career last year.


Unforeseen circumstances forces cancellation of the event

 The 2019 edition of Powerman Indonesia has unfortunately been cancelled. The event had originally been scheduled to take place from 29 to 30 June in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and after consultation with all its stakeholders, the difficult decision was made to not proceed with this year’s Powerman Indonesia for safety and security considerations.

Efforts are already underway to contact and make arrangements with all participants who have already registered for the event. Registered participants can also obtain further information or clarification from the Powerman Indonesia website – and via email at

Traditionally attracting athletes from around the world in addition to a growing base of homegrown duathletes, multi-disciplined competitors and enthusiasts in recent editions, plans are already afoot for the return of Powerman Indonesia in 2020.