ETU Powerman moves to Viborg

ETU Powerman is delighted to release the date and venue for the 2019 ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships.

  • Where?
  • Denmark
  • Where exactly?
  • Viborg
  • When?
  • The weekend of 11th /12th May.

Why Viborg?

Well, between them; Powerman, the LOC (Racemakers), the Danish Federation and ETU have agreed that with a safe cycle course that takes the athletes from the city centre up to the Dollerup Hills and with the run course located within the old town, there is a sound basis for the Powerman legacy to grow.

The city is fully behind the race and is determined to see it grow – great news for the local community, for duathlon in Denmark and for the sport in general. The Old Barracks will be the venue for the transition area and the finish line will be close to the cathedral.

Closed roads in the old town will make the whole event much more appealing and with so many good quality hotels nearby, with plane, train and road links so good, this is going to be the race to be at in May next year.

We will bring you more news as soon as the site visit has been completed.

POWERMAN debuts in Loutraki, Greece on 24 Mar 2019

The major Run – Bike – Run brand in the World, POWERMAN, is coming for the first time in Greece. The event will take place in Loutraki, at 24th of March 2019 as “POWERMAN Greece 2019”.

The event is held by Hellenic Triathlon Federation (H.T.F.) and the Municipality of Loutraki- Perahora- Ag. Theodoroi under the auspices of I.P.A. (International Powerman Association.)

Powerman Greece schedule will includes 2 distances of non-drafting duathlon: Powerman Classic, that includes 10k running- 60k cycling- 10k running, and Powerman Short that includes 5k running- 30k cycling- 5k running. In addition, the event accommodates shorter distances for kids (POWER kids).

Age group races will be for every distance and the Powerman Classic will include an Elite Race, where some of the best duathletes of the world will take part, offering us a spectacular show.

More info and all details


Powerman Panama Postponed To 26 Jan 2020

Panama City, Panama Due to the unforeseen circumstances that have taken place, the duathlon race, Powerman Panama that was to be held on January 27th, 2019 stands cancelled.

We had been preparing for this event for a long time and so it saddens us to a great extent to cancel it at this time. The reasons for the same is the welcoming of the Pope Francis during the World Youth Day/Jornada Mundial de la Juventud 2019. However, we shall be organizing Powerman Panama in the near future, scheduled for January 26th, 2020.

For more information please contact us via email

Yours sincerely,

Michel Alfonzo Larrain

Eggenschwiler and Le Bellec Triumph, Successful World Record by Freddy Nock

Swiss women’s double victory, French men’s double victory at the 2018 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships.

At her comeback after a two-year absence, Petra Eggenschwiler from Solothurn wins in front of Melanie Maurer from Wikon, who lives in Bern. Place 3 goes to the Israeli Antonia Reznikov.

The Frenchman Gaël Le Bellec will triumph for the third time in the men’s competition after 2014 and 2015. This time in front of his compatriot Yannick Cadalen and the German Felix Köhler, who lives in Basel. The Swiss men started very well, but then had to give up or fall behind. Freddy Nock from Uerkheim set his announced world record attempt of 25 hours in the wheel of death and earned great applause in the Powerman Arena.

Seen over the entire Powerman Zofingen weekend, around 1,200 athletes took part in the 30th Powerman Zofingen, around 100 fewer than last year.

Carol Furriela and Iuri Vinuto win Powerman Brasil 2018

Carol Furriela and Iuri Vinuto were the great champions of Powerman Brasil 2018, the national stage of the world’s longest duathlon circuit, held on a beautiful Sunday in Indaiatuba. With two 10-km race legs interspersed by 60 km of cycling on an extremely challenging course, the duoathletes had to face the sunny and hot weather that made the race even more technical and difficult.

Currently Powerman Brasil champion, Carol Furriela returned to Indaiatuba and had a good strategy to dominate the course from start to finish. In the first leg of the race Carol left the T1 with a small margin of advantage over Giovana Martins and the pedal began to open advantage over its main competitor on Sunday. “I had a strategy in search of the title, I knew that Giovana was going to run very strong, because she is a marathon runner, and it worked.” I fought alongside her in the first round and started cycling” said champion Carol Furriela.

After opening on cycling, Carol kept the distance on the second leg of the race closing 10/60/10 at 3:34:22. Giovana Martins came in second place with just under five minutes difference for the champion and Maria Vângela de Sousa completed the women’s podium in third place. “Powerman Brazil is an incredible test and one that respects the athlete too much. I’m very happy to have come back here and beaten again. Next year I’m going back to get the third championship” concludes Carol Furriela.

In the Men’s the level was also very high with presence of the best athletes of the country. Runner Up in 2017, Iuri Vinuto made several adjustments in his preparation, especially in cycling and managed to leave Indaiatuba with the victory. Iuri led the race from start to finish to celebrate his first title in Powerman Brazil.

Iuri opened the 10km race with a very strong run close 33 minutes next to Antonio Mansur. The two of them left together with advantage of almost three. On the bike Iuri did enough strength and even with partial a little slower managed to keep the difference over Manocchio and Manente. However, it was in the second race that the champion set the race by completing the 10/60/10 at 2:56:20.

“Today was a very hard day, cycling here is very strong and I knew that I had to keep the edge, as Manocchio and Manente cycling very well. I was able to lead from the beginning and very happy with my performance throughout the course “celebrated Iuri Vinuto. Guilherme Manocchio was the second placed, with just over three minutes of disadvantage for the leader, and Felipe Manente came soon in sequence, completing the podium.


Sunday was also the day to meet the Powerman Sprint champions, who comprise half the distance from the Classic, adding two 5-km running legs and a 30-km bike. Also counting on high technical level the race crowned Ernani de Souza and Detlei Hasse were crowned champions. Ernani is an excellent runner and is slowly hitting his duathlon races. On Sunday he was the most consistent during the entire race crossing the finish line with 1:38:51, ahead of Carlos Henrique de Oliveira and Fabio Fantozzi, second and third respectively.

In Women, Detlei showed that she is one of the best duoatletas of the country setting another event for its collection of titles. With 1:56:52, Detlei was the great champion of the Brazilian stage of the Powerman circuit finishing ahead of Elizabeth Berton, runner-up, and Vivian Oliveira, third place.


Power Run:

Closing the Sunday schedule was the Power Run, a 5-km race that had as its main goal to attract more athletes to meet the Powerman spirit. Many families and runners from Indaiatuba honored the event by making the party even more beautiful on the Olympic Velodrome. In the end, dozens of runners joined the duoatletas in an great atmosphere.

Results – Powerman Brasil 2018:

Classic – Women

1ª Carol Furriela – 3:34:22
2ª Giovana Martins – 3:39:18
3ª Maria Vângela de Sousa – 4:11:20


Classic – Men

1º Iuri Vinuto – 2:56:20
2º Guilherme Manocchio – 2:59:34
3º Felipe Manente – 3:00:28


Sprint – Women:

1ª Detlei Hasse – 1:56:52
2ª Elizabeth Berton – 1:59:27
3ª Vivian Oliveira – 2:06:26


Sprint – Men

1º Ernani de Souza – 1:38:51
2º Carlos Henrique de Oliveira – 1:41:03
3º Fabio Fantozzi – 1:42:39


For the 2nd time won Sören BYSTRUP the POWERMAN AUSTRIA at the Nationalparkregion Ennstal. After 2013, the Dane was also able to win the competition in 2018.

Already in the first running round Søren Bystrup took the lead of the field. The leader of the POWERMAN World Ranking dominated the whole race. Under applause of the audience, he was the first to get on the bike and returned to the running track as the leader. Routinely he defeated the track with 10 km running – 76 km cycling – 10 km running. Second place went to Frenchman Gaël LE BELLEC. Third was Zoltan SENCZYSZYN Zoltan from Germany.

For the ladies, the Austrian Sandrina ILLES was the measure of all things. The reigning world champion led the women’s field from the start of the race and was able to maintain their position until the end. Second was local hero Viktoria SCHENK from Hollenstein. Third place went to Kristina NEC-LAPINOVA from Slovakia.

The new route and the relocation zone led the participants 9 times through the competition arena on the market square in Weyer. This meant that the spectators were in the middle of the duathlon event and experienced the athletes up close. That made a special atmosphere and goosebumps feeling at the 21st POWERMAN AUSTRIA.

All set for Powerman Brasil 2018

Indaiatuba (SP) – 18 de agosto de 2018 – Another edition of Powerman Brazil has started. The Brazilian stage of the largest duathlon circuit in the world is for the second consecutive year host in Indaiatuba, located 100 km from São Paulo, with a new programming for the 2018 edition. In addition to the traditional Classic and Sprint and Power Kids, this year’s organization included the Power Run that will challenge runners in a 5km race. Once again the Olympic Velodrome serves as the base for the Powerman Arena and it is there that all the activities scheduled for the weekend are concentrated.

This Friday the first athletes began to arrive. In total, there will be more than 600 competitors from 12 states and 6 countries, including Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, United States and Spain. One of the first athletes to remove the kit was Ed Canto from CPH Brazil team. Ed came directly from Belém (PA) accompanied by the family. “I really like the format of the Powerman and I think the duathlon races occupy an important place in preparing athletes for competitions. We have a group coming from Belém and the expectation is enormous for this great event”, says Ed.

Opening the weekend in Indaiatuba, Saturday was dedicated to children ages 4 to 13 who participated in the Power Kids inside the Olympic Velodrome at the Powerman Arena. With specific distances for each age the atmosphere was festive on the part of the young people and pride of the parents and relatives who saw the small athletes dedicating themselves to cross the finishing line. In the end, all were awarded with medals and could live the same excitement that adults will have this Sunday as they cross the finish line.

More than winning or losing action like Power Kids is to provide the experience to children so they can feel the same as parents in a big event. “Power Kids is one of our main motivations. From the first year we included in the program of the event because we find it extremely important to stimulate sports practice. With this, children have the opportunity to participate in the same event that their parents are fighting for, “says Patricia Palhares, organizer of Powerman Brazil.

At just seven, Maithe Mota Camargo had a special crowd outside. The little cyclist is the goddaughter of professional athlete Carol Furriela, current champion of Powerman Brazil. “It was really cool to be part of the Powerman, which I liked the most was the bike part. I go there quite a bit, “said Maithe, who tried to send word to her godmother. “I’m going to cheer Aunt Carol a lot and I think she has to win.”

Accompanying the young Maithe, Carol was just laughter as she heard her goddaughter sending the message. “These actions by the Powerman to bring children into the world of adults is very important as it helps encourages sports practice. Maithe has the example of the father at home who works with bike and lives the world of the sport daily, she goes super well in cycling and this comes from her. Sports educates, what she learned today she’ll carry for the rest of her life, “said Carol. “Tomorrow we will have everything, you have to count on this crowd,” joked the champion of Powerman Brazil 2017.

Like Carol Furriela, many elite athletes and amateurs have invaded the Powerman Arena to remove the kits and check the bikes. After checking and all athletes confirmed everything leads to believe that the fourth edition of Powerman Brazil will be of the highest technical level. Iuri Vinuto, second placed in 2018, Felipe Manente, Antonio Mansur, Talles Medeiros, Giovana Martins, among others are confirmed for this Sunday’s challenge in the Classic category.

“I have great expectations for this year’s event. I want to improve my time last year, especially in cycling. I have dedicated a lot to this modality this year and with that I can be more competitive from start to finish, “says Iuri Vinuto.

Fehlix Kohler and Melanie Maurer are Champions in First Edition of Powerman Tramelan

Fehlix Kohler and Melanie Maurer are Champions in First Edition of Powerman Tramelan

While Zofingen is the signature venue for Powerman Long Distance World Championships, Powerman now has added Tramelan as the second venue in Switzerland to host the Powerman World Series.

In the men’s field, Germany’ Felix Kohler won the run 10km – bike 60k – run 10km in 2:59:14 hrs, making him the only finisher under the 3-hour mark. French’s Gael Le Bellec, the Zofingen long distance legend, came in second place in 03:04:45 hrs, while Swiss’s Valetin Friedelance took third place only 14 seconds later!

The women’s field was a local Swiss affair. Melanie Maurer won in 03:24:27 hours. Sandra Patt and Katrin Saly Graf took second and third spots in 03:42:24 hours and 03:46:42 hours respectively.

Powerman Tramelan also featured the short distance, Powerkids and charity run categories.

Søren Bystrup and Sandrina Illes new champions of 2018 Vejle ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships

In the absence of last year’s womens’ champion Emma Pooley, Sandrina Illes of Australia overcame last year’s disappointment to be crowned championed. Netherland’s Marina van Dijk and Switzerland’sMelanie Maurer took silver and bronze respectively.

The men’s race was very much a hard fought battle betwen Germany’s Felix Köhler and local hero Søren Bystrup. The first run leg was evenly matched for the elites, but Søren managed to have advantage on the bike, and kept going until the finish, leaving Köhler to finish with the silver. Another local hero Simon Jørn Hansen, the Danish Sprint Duathlon champion, took the bronze position.

The race took place in a tough course, but with beautiful weather conditions in Vejle, Denmark.