April 14, 2019
April 14, 2019 (All day)
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13-October 2018: Open for Registration

13-March 2019: Close for Registration

14-April 2019: Race Day

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Powerman Alsdorf – Together we boost Duathlon

Alsdorf is a middle-sized city and a center in the nordrhein-westfälischen city of Aachen. Up to the end of the 20th century, Alsdorf was a prominent mining town, but its structure has now changed to service companies and has a large town hall, a cinema center, a mining museum and an animal park.For more information contact: www.alsdorf.de (Freizeit & Tourismus)

Powerman Alsdorf with the German Championship (Elite, Ageprouper and Youth)

On April 29, 2018, the German Championships will be held for the third time in the Alsdorf City. But that’s not enough! The Marathon Club Eschweiler, has decided to join the duathlon world series Powerman as an event. Powerman is the largest duathlon brand in the world with sprint, short and long distances. This turns the DACHSER Duathlon into Powerman Alsdorf. The company DACHSER SE from Alsdorf remains the event as the main sponsor and supporter in all matters.

At the DTU German Championships, the juniors have 5 kilometers of running, 20 kilometers of cycling and 2.5 kilometers of running over the sprint distance. The youth A is about 2.5 kilometers running, 20 kilometers cycling and 1.5 kilometers running to determine the German champions. Over 2.5 kilometers of running, 10 kilometers of cycling and 1.0 kilometers will start the Youth B.

For everyone, the Marathon Club Eschweiler offers the very popular Powerman Sprint over 5 kilometers of running, 20 kilometers of cycling and 5 kilometers of running. Due to the German Championships starter contingent had to be limited to 250 participants.

Over twice the distance, 10 kilometers running, 40 kilometers cycling and 5 kilometers running, the German championships for the elite and the age-group athletes take place. For the first time, participants can qualify at the Powerman Alsdorf for the “POWERMAN World Championships Zofingen-Switzerland”. A total of 75 slots are available over the short distance (10 km / 40 km / 5 km) for the first three athletes of each age group.

The competitions, in which a total of over 1000 athletes will participate, take place in the center of Alsdorf.